[TI-83 Plus] How do I compile the code?

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[TI-83 Plus] How do I compile the code?

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Hello everyone,

can someone please explain me how to compile this simple C-File for the TI-83 Plus I tried every variation from the wiki-page, as well as my own. The only way to currently compile this file to a file that can be ran, is to use a very old build from z88dk and to use the ti8xansi config.
I use TI-Connect/TI-Graph-Link to transmit the files, but whenever I try it, I either get a Transmission error, or a Invalid Screen on the calc itself.
I've also tried to use the .bin file and convert them, but nothing worked.

Please help me with this problem. Please.
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Re: [TI-83 Plus] How do I compile the code?

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I did all the experiments in emulation, mostly VTI.
I need little more time to recap the process and try again, could a description on how to get it working on an emulator help?
I seem to remember there were little differences in the file format depending on the tranfer tool used, possibly dependent on the TI 83 version too
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