A few disassembler questions

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A few disassembler questions

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today I switched all my Z80 dev (ABC80, SBC, CPM etc) to use z88dk :)

A have a few questions about the disassembler

1: Can I in the symbol file or elsewhere tell the disasm that some parts are data so it gets disassembled as defb or db?
2: Can the symbol file add comments? Like: START $0000: ; Top of the world mom
so $00 @ $0000 would be

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; Top of the world mom
Im trying to keep all my work in one file, so the flow is disassemble with .sym-file, read output, figure out some address or comment something and add to .sym, repeat.

Btw, does the assembler support local lables, like tasm _label?

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This disassembler is pretty simple at the moment, the only file format it reads is the z80asm .map files - this doesn't support comments or "code/data regions".

If someone has already created a format that encapsulates the information you want, then it should be fairly easy to make the disassembler read and apply it.

In the assembler, all labels are local to the file unless explicitly exported.
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