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Gentoo ebuild

Posted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 10:30 pm
by wilsonsamm
Well, this is my first post on the Z88dk forums! I hope I will make valuable contributions to the scene.
Over here at Gentoo Linux we don't have Z88dk in our distro. That's what I want to change. Here is the relevant page on our bugzilla.

The way our package manager, portage, works is that for each package there is a bash script that installs the package. But the script fails because one or more of the variables Z80_OZFILES, ZCCCFG, and PATH is not set right. What is wrong here?

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# Copyright 1999-2009 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Header: $

DESCRIPTION="z88dk - the z80 dvelopment kit."

KEYWORDS="~amd64 ~ppc ~x86"


src_compile() {
        cd ${S}
        ./ || die " failed!"
        emake libs || die "failed to build libs!"

src_install() {
        emake install || die "failed to install"
        emake install-libs || die "failed to install libs."
So in my bash script, first my src_compile() will be called, and then src_install(). Environment variable $S contains the path to the temporary working directory (where the tarball is extracted to).

(by the by, we are discouraged from using make. We have emake. What the difference is, I don't know exactly.)

Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 9:28 pm
by dom
Sorry, I completely missed this post.

Do the z88dk variables need to be exported for it to work?

Alternatively, if you set PREFIX appropriately then these variables won't be needed.