Bold text on the Z88

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Bold text on the Z88

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I hope its ok to ask very basic questions as I'm trying to learn C (knowing only a little basic...) for the Cambridge Z88

So I'm making a little Boggle dice game - so far I've made a random boggle board that displays it on screen.

I'd like to make some of the text bold - I think I need to use an escape code, but in a practical sense I can't figure out how to do this.

So here an example - how could I change this code so that text is bold?

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printf("              Boggle - or Zoggle??  \n \n");
Also, in BBC Basic for the Z88 you can produce an alarm sound with:

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VDU 1,52,33,40,33,33
Can these VDU codes be reproduced in z88DK?
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Re: Bold text on the Z88

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Normally at this point I'd just recommend using the gencon and <conio.h>. However I've not implemented it for the z88.

You should be able to output all VDU codes directly though so you'll get the grey, minicaps etc
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