(classic) New target: DAI Personal Computer

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(classic) New target: DAI Personal Computer

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I added basic support for this machine a few months ago. It's another(!) 8080 based machine, unusually for me these days there's a wikipedia entry in English for it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DAI_Personal_Computer

So far there's support for printing to the screen and reading the keyboard using the firmware. In theory it should be possible to add more features to it, but I'm going through a bit of an unmotivated period at the moment.

What may be more interesting, is that the floating point package was extracted from the BASIC ROM and has been added into z88dk as daimath32. This means we have a pure 8080 maths library within the main z88dk tree. As an added bonus, the floating point format is the same as the AM9511 maths co-processor (which it also has on board) which when supported should noticably speed up floating point and long arithmetic operations.
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