(classic) New target: Mikro-80

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(classic) New target: Mikro-80

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[This is probably the start of a new wave of machines with similar origins]

The Mikro-80 is an 8080 machine that was originally designed using about 200 chips in 1980. The design was then serialised in a magazine from 1982 and it appears a few thousand were built.

From a z88dk perspective, the hardware is pretty simple, an 8080 clone, 64x32 character mapped display and a keyboard accessed via an i8255. The builtin font contains upper case latin, upper and lower cyrillic, block graphics and some other "useful" characters.

The block characters are bit annoying, the font is nominally 8x8, but the block characters don't fill the entire matrix, so there's gaps in between pixels.

The wiki page is located here: https://github.com/z88dk/z88dk/wiki/Platform--Mikro80 and the following features are available:

- Generic console
- Firmware console in/out
- Lores graphics
- Inkey keyboard support concurrent keypresses

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