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(classic) New target: Вектор-06Ц/Vector 06c

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 9:40 pm
by dom
I've just merged support for this machine. It's a fairly interesting 8080-clone machine which has a fair amount of software already available for it.

The graphics display is arranged in bitplanes (like the Amiga) and has a palette of 256 colours of which 16 can be concurrently shown on the 256x256 screen. It also supports vertical hardware scrolling which is pretty handy when the equivalent would be shifting ~32k of data on an 8080 machine.

The hardware supports a 512x256 screen mode with 4 colours, but I've chosen not to add support for it. If desired it could be added.

Current support within z88dk is:

* Generic console supporting all features
* High resolution graphics (256x256)
* AY support
* Inkey keyboard
* Inkey joystick