Dead code culling at link time.

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Dead code culling at link time.

Post by jacotton »

This is an advanced issue (I think anyway), but is there a plan afoot to perform dead
code culling at link time.

I ask since my code is getting rather large and I have not figured out a good way to clean
out routines that are not in fact being used.

On the surface it seems easy enough, just scan the binary and look for call/jumps to code
that is listed in the globals section.

Well any way, is someone thinking about such a thing ?

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Post by dom »

It?s on Paulo?s wish list for the next gen version of z80asm:

If you rearrange your project to one function per file and create a library then it?s feasible now, just a little awkward to manage.

Alternatively you could do it manually by compiling to object files, using z80nm and then manually excluding code.
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