Source level debugger

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Source level debugger

Post by desertkun »

I am making an attempt to extend the z88dk's toolset to be able to debug C code (at least in Fuse) on source level.

This python package takes a set of *.lis files and a *.map file and allows you to pinpoint to which C line a certain machine code address corresponds:

While this could be useful on it's own, I would like to explore the possibility into shoveling this into Fuse, to gain a couple of features:
  • Place a breakpoint by source file and line
  • Show which file and line the current machine instruction corresponds to
The way I think this could work, is when user generates a db file using the tool above, and Fuse, having a copy of that tool inside, somehow via python as well, or by duplicated C code, resolve machine addresses using that db file.

I guess the question is, is there a market for this? Dot not want to spend effort polishing something only me is going to use.
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Re: Source level debugger

Post by derekfountain »

You might be interested in this post I put on Spectrum Computing a couple of years ago: ... use#p14046

It sort of does what you have in mind. Watch the video I made, you'll get the idea.

I haven't touched the concept since, TBH, I don't use Z88DK a great deal at the moment.
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Re: Source level debugger

Post by siggi »

A feature request does already exist:
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