(classic) New target: ZX Spectrum Next + updated TS2068 target

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(classic) New target: ZX Spectrum Next + updated TS2068 target

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As if to celebrate Yodel dumping the box on my doorstep, I've added classic support for the ZX Spectrum Next.

To date, I've very deliberately not attempted to target this machine, but following a question from Fabrizio on Github I decided to add a target which makes it a bit easier to get existing software up and running and allow taking advantage of some of the new hardware.

The feature list is quite long since it's based on the +zx target, so the highlights:

- Generic console supporting standing ZX, Timex Screen modes and the new tilemap screen mode
- Graphics that "just works" across all the above screen modes
- ESXDOS support integrated into <stdio.h> and <fcntl.h>
- Creation of .nex files suitable for use in an emulator or on the real machine

There's some caveats over the use of tilemap mode which can be read on the wiki page: in essence I've allowed users to reconfigure the memory map so fonts etc are not copied automatically.

The wiki page is here: https://github.com/z88dk/z88dk/wiki/Pla ... ctrum-Next

For the TS2068 target the following changes have been made:

- The gfx2068hr library has been removed - the builtin graphics library now supports all screen modes (including colour)
- Support for the WYZ and VT2 tracker libraries has been added
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