z88dk improved and fixed for the zx81

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z88dk improved and fixed for the zx81

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While merging sdcc we broke wef things here and there most of them were fixed soon, something took longer... I just fixed the zx81 and Lambda 8300 graphics, now coswave can be built also with the m81 or m81_tiny,
All the Sinclair models are now even better than before because I slightly optimized the lib furtherly.

Moreover I'm halfway in the process of migrating the graphics stuff to callee and everything together permits to get slightly smaller code. It is now good enough to permit a minimalistic microman version to run on the G000 interface.

Other better variants can be built for the wrx, arx or memotech in 64 rows mode, there is now space enough for the joystick dialog (with the tiny 4x6 font), the score, etc...
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