Changes in classic console handling

ZX80, ZX 81, ZX Spectrum, TS2068 and other clones
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Changes in classic console handling

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I've recently made a few changes to the classic console for various ZX related machines, here's a summary of those changes:

ROM based console output - rst $10 can now be used as an output driver, enable with -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_rom_rst

FZX based console output - I've lifted fzx from newlib and hooked it up to classic, enable with -pragma-need:fzxterminal and configure the font with -pragma-redirect:CRT_FONT_FZX=_ff...

32/64 column driver on TS2068: This now respects the hires mode of the machine and will print with up to 64/128 columns as appropriate.

32/64 column driver - The font can now be selected with (for example) -pragma-redirect:CRT_FONT=_font_8x8_bbc_system likewise, CRT_FONT_64 can be redirected to change the 64 column font

Non ROM-based keyboard input - blocking input can now be read without using the ROM, enable with -pragma-redirect:fgetc_cons=fgetc_cons_inkey getk can be redirected with -pragma-redirect:getk=in_GetKey

Sam Coupe console output - Coordinate positioning now works correctly. Additionally the scroll? prompt has been disabled
Sam Coupe console input - This now works as advertised
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