8Xk Target Support

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8Xk Target Support

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I would like to see an output for 8Xk, which is the application format.

What's the difference between 8Xk and 8Xp? Plenty!
For an app...
= Code must be swapped from the flash to RAM and then executed there.
= No self-writeback
= It allocates "pages" in 16k increments - so even if you app is really 8k, it will take up 16k.
For a program...
= It's in RAM, so it's executed directly
= Writeback allowed
= What you eat (in space) is what you get (taken)
= Limited to 8k; more than that will prevent execution.
As for an app...
= Can be nice and big :P

There is some code I would like to write that is considered "big".
Z88DK is not super-efficient like Z80 assembly, so it's certain that the code will exceed the 8k execution limit.
Therefore, I would like an option to compile to 8Xk.

App creation/signing is widely available - I personally use rabbitsign (or wabbitsign) to perform the task.
If you (the developer) need help with the feature, feel free to ask!
You need to split the code into "pages" and then make it all work... which can be crazy at times. :P

It would be great if this feature was implemented! :)
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