TI83+, apps crash on real calculator

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TI83+, apps crash on real calculator

Post by rmorales87atx »

Using version 1.9 downloaded from SF, I built a few of the TI examples and can't get any to run on the calculator.

The command line to build the "world" sample I'm using is:

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zcc +ti8x -create-app -startup=10 -o world world.c
On the TI, I use [2ND][CATALOG] to access the Asm( command. Then I fill in the program name using [PRGRM][1]. The complete command I use to attempt to run the app is:

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After entering this command, the screen goes blank and the calculator shuts off. When I turn the calculator back on, it shows the OS version (1.19) and the "RAM cleared" message.

I have not gotten any emulators to work on my PC, so I'm not sure if it works in an emulated calculator. Nor have I attempted to do anything through a debugger.

I'm not using any shells on the calculator, hoping that I wouldn't need to. But I'll try using ION and see if that works any better.
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Post by stefano »

the steps you've followed seem to be right.
There are little adjustments fo the TI83 which might be worth to try in the current developement release, authomatically built and published here:

The two trapdoors I see at a glance are the quite recent ROM version (be careful also choosing the right shell !) and perhaps something with the binary format, it seems to depend on the way the data are transferred to the calculator, but I'm not sure..
Let us know, I really should try to document in a clear way the Ti83 binary issues.
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Post by contra-sh »


Stefano : I can help you for ti83 regular compilation I think;)
+ti8x is for ti83plus, not ti83 regular.
82p -> ti82
83p -> ti83
8xp -> ti83plus
8xk -> ti83plus flash app (should be ti84plus too I think)

The Asm( command is only available on ti83plus or ti84plus
On the ti83 regular you should use Send(9pgrmName

If you use these commandes (Asm( or Send(9 ) you do not use shell so compilation should be -startup=10
if you do not specify this startup value, you should install Ion (default) and launch you program after without using the asm( command.
The squishing on ti83 regular is only useful if you do not use shell.

I will be happy to help you if you need some piece of advice on TI's especially ti83 regular.

I've tried to compile for ti83 plus and it works :

The makefile :

zcc +ti8xansi -lm -startup=10 -o hello hello.c
bin2var hello OUTPUT.8xp

rm *.83p

Here we compile for ti83plus using no shell -startup=10
And we use bin2var to convert it into a correct binary file format (8xp).
No squishing because it's not ti83 regular ;)

Calc file format are just an header with size, type, comment and some other intormations and a checksum at the end and some hex values to define the end (in basic that's end:0000:end)

And the code :

#include <stdio.h>

main() {

printf("hello world\n\n\n\n");
while (1) {


Load it into the calc or emulator :

And it works !

I hope it will help someone ;)

Best regards

Thibault Duponchelle

PS: if you want a code to squish your file when user selects +ti83 and -startup=10, you could use bin2bin83 with doing only some minor modifications.
Without that, nobody could use z88dk to develop for ti83 no shell I think...
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Post by stefano »

Hey, thank you very much !
At the moment I'm diverted by the Enterprise 64/128 port, but next I'll get back to this :)
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Post by contra-sh »

Ok no problem.

If you have some question about TI z80 specificity, I'd be happy to answer ;)
Even in one month/year or in 2042 lol

My mail :


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