TI-specific libraries?

TI-82, TI-83 (plus, silver..), TI-84, TI-85 and TI-86
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TI-specific libraries?

Post by Jotaf »

Hi there, I'm kinda new to z88dk but I've been browsing around the wiki and all, and so far I'm impressed! It's a great project you guys put together :)

Anyway, for my purposes, I'd like to compile some TI-86 code. From what I've seen, this is entirely possible, but TI-specific libraries look like a stub. Are there any plans for adding these? I'm talking mostly about accessing the calculator's variables and functions (as seen by the user). If not, I'll probably end up writing some asm routines for doing that... I'm experienced with asm but for the 8086 so we'll see. Anyway, just asking, and showing my interest.

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Post by stefano »

you guessed rightly.
We (mostly me and Henk Poley) never worked on platform specific libraries, but we preferred to develop a common compatible layer of functions.
So far the ANSI/VT emulation engine permits to run programs on all the supported calculators getting the same TEXT resolution, the mono graphics functions should work with no problem as well.
Some effort went onto the gray library and sound support, but be aware they are tricky things, expecially with the TI86... in fact it is the most difficult platform to be programmed in assembler because of the lack of efficient shells/memory managers.
It is years we're stuck trying to get some decent fcntl function, so the platform specific stuff has been left behind.. but if you write some you are welcome !
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