(classic) SN76489/PSGLib - Music and effects player added

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(classic) SN76489/PSGLib - Music and effects player added

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For a while, the newlib +sms target has had a copy of PSGLib (https://github.com/sverx/PSGlib) for playing music and effects on the SMS.

So, it's only a few changes to add it into the classic library and get it running on...

- +coleco Colecovision/Adam
- +sms SMS (classic and newlib)
- +pencil2 Pencil2
- +pv2000 Casio PV/2000
- +rx78 Bandai RX-78
- +sc3000 Sega SC3000
- +m5 Sord M5
- +mtx Memotech MTX
- +pasopia7 Toshiba Pasopia7
- +cpm -clib=smc777 Sony SMC777

and it should also work on the Sharp MZ but I've not been able to test it.

What this means is that you can use what has become the standard SMS audio tools and get music and effects running on the machines above. There's a rough and ready example of usage here: https://github.com/z88dk/z88dk/tree/mas ... und/psglib

Other machines using an AY, have had support for using WYZTracker and VortexTracker2 for a while to achieve broadly the same functionality.
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