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Compiling a game using C + conio.h

Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:51 am
by Fabrizio

I am trying to compile my C (+conio.h) game for the CPC target.

Is conio.h supported?

How do I compile it and use inside an emulator, e.g., WinApe?

Remark: The very same code works with the Spectrum target (minor issues) and 100% fine with CC65.

I am compiling it with

zcc +cpc -subtype=wav -create-app -DAMALLOC -lmalloc -lndos -o %deliverables%\cpc-alt.bin %mypath%\display_macros.c %mypath%\powerUps.c %mypath%\enemy.c %mypath%\invincible_enemy.c %mypath%\level.c %mypath%\character.c %mypath%\text.c %mypath%\missile.c %mypath%\strategy.c %mypath%\input.c %mypath%\main.c

I try to run it in WinApe with

which results in reboot.