CPC platform support

Amstrad CPC and NC systems
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CPC platform support

Post by dom »

CPC platform support is mostly limited to what the firmware supplies.

As a result, there's no sprite libraries, sound support or anything else that might make writing games easier. On the otherhand you do get native floating point support (again using the firmware)

As a result, you'll need to look to third party libraries unless you want to write all the routines yourself. cpcrslib (http://code.google.com/p/cpcrslib/) looks like it provides sprite support and integrate them in.

We will, of course, gratefully accept code donations which improve the quality of the CPC support.
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Post by arnoldemu »

I will certainly help.

I have a game in development that uses z88dk and cpcrslib. The game is almost done.
When it is done I will release all my sources and this includes better libraries and things to use with z88dk.
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