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Named Colours Test

Posted: Thu Dec 26, 2019 10:40 am
by RobertK
I wrote a little test program to check the colour mapping on all targets:

Code: Select all

Compile with
zcc +pv2000 -create-app -o nct_PV2000 NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +x1 -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_generic -create-app -o nct_X1 NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +coleco -create-app -o nct_Coleco NamedColoursTest.ccons_generic NamedColoursTest.c _font_lynx.asm -pragma-redirect:CRT_FONT=_fontLynx -o nctlynx
// #pragma define CLIB_EXIT_STACK_SIZE=0

// Colour names from enum "colors" in conio.h:
static char* ColourNames[] = {"BLACK", "BLUE", "GREEN", "CYAN", "RED", "MAGENTA", "BROWN", "LIGHTGRAY", "DARKGRAY",
#include <conio.h>

#if defined(__TIKI100__) || defined(__MC1000__) || defined(__PC6001__) // || defined(__VZ200__)
        #include <sys/ioctl.h>                // required for switching the screen mode

#if defined(__MC1000__) || defined(__PC6001__)
        #define SCREEN_MODE 2
#elif defined(__TIKI100__) // || defined(__VZ200__)
        #define SCREEN_MODE 3

void main()
        int i;
        #if defined(SCREEN_MODE)
                int mode;
                mode = SCREEN_MODE;
                console_ioctl(IOCTL_GENCON_SET_MODE, &mode);        
        // Clear the screen
        printf("\x0c");  // the "\x0c" (0x0c character) resets the cursor position to the top left corner
        printf("Named Colours Test\n\n");
        for(i=BLACK; i<=WHITE; i++)

        #if defined(__PV1000__) || defined(__COLECO__) || defined(__PACMAN__) || defined(__Z80TVGAME__) || defined(__GAMEBOY__) || defined(__MYVISION__)
                // On systems without keyboard, wait five seconds
                fgetc_cons();        // wait for keypress          
Compile it with this batch file, where I have hopefully included all colour-capable target. Sorry for the inconsistent output file names.

Code: Select all

rem Set your z88dk root path here
set z88root=C:\Misc\z88dk\

set path=%PATH%;%z88root%bin\
set zcccfg=%z88root%lib\config\
set z80_ozfiles=%z88root%lib\

zcc +alphatro -create-app NamedColoursTest.c -o nct_alphatronic
zcc +aquarius -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_generic -create-app NamedColoursTest.c -o nct_aquarius
zcc +cpm -subtype=bic -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_generic -o NCTBIC.COM NamedColoursTest.c -create-app -D__BIC__
zcc +coleco -create-app -o nct_Coleco NamedColoursTest.ccons_generic NamedColoursTest.c _font_lynx.asm -pragma-redirect:CRT_FONT=_fontLynx -o nctlynx
zcc +cpc -lndos -subtype=dsk -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_generic -create-app -o nctcpc NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +cpm -subtype=einstein -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_generic -o NCTEINST.COM NamedColoursTest.c -create-app -D__EINSTEIN__
zcc +cpm -subtype=excali64 -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_generic -create-app -o nctexcali64 NamedColoursTest.c -D__EXCALIBUR64__
zcc +fp1100 -create-app -o nct_FP1100 NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +kc -lndos -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_generic -create-app NamedColoursTest.c -o nct_KC85_2-5
zcc +laser500 NamedColoursTest.c -o nctlaser500 -create-app -Cz--audio
zcc +lynx -create-app -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_generic NamedColoursTest.c -o nctlynx
zcc +mc1000 -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_generic -pragma-redirect:CRT_FONT=_font_8x8_bbc_system -create-app -Cz--audio NamedColoursTest.c -o nct_mc1000
zcc +mtx -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_generic -create-app NamedColoursTest.c -o nct_MemotechMTX500.o
zcc +cpm -subtype=microbee -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_generic -create-app -o nctmicrobee NamedColoursTest.c -D__BEE__
zcc +msx -create-app -lndos NamedColoursTest.c -o nctmsx -pragma-need=ansiterminal -pragma-define:ansifont=7359 -pragma-define:ansifont_is_packed=0 -pragma-define:ansicolumns=32 
zcc +multi8 -pragma-redirect:CRT_FONT=_font_8x8_bbc_system -create-app -o nct_multi8 NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +myvision -create-app -o nct_MyVision NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +mz -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_generic -create-app NamedColoursTest.c -o nctmz
zcc +mz2500 -create-app -o nctmz2500 NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +p2000 -clib=ansi -o nct_p2000 -create-app NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +pasopia7 -create-app NamedColoursTest.c -o nct_pasopia7
zcc +pc6001 -subtype=rom -create-app -o nct_pc6001Mk2 NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +pc88 -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_generic -create-app -Cz--audio -o nct_pc8001 NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +pencil2 -create-app -o nct_Pencil2 NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +pv1000 -o nct_pv1000 -create-app NamedColoursTest.c 
zcc +pv2000 -create-app -o nct_PV2000 NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +rx78 -o nct_rx78 -create-app NamedColoursTest.c 
zcc +sam -clib=ansi -o nct_SamCoupe.bin NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +sc3000 -subtype=rom -create-app -o NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +cpm -subtype=smc777 -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_generic -o NCTSMC.COM NamedColoursTest.c -create-app -D__SMC777__
zcc +m5 -create-app -o nct_sordm5 NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +spc1000 -create-app -o nctspc1000 NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +super80 -create-app -o nct_super80v NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +super80 -create-app -clib=vduem -o nct_super80m NamedColoursTest.c -D__SUPER80_VDUEM__
zcc +svi -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_generic -create-app -o nctsvi NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +cpm -subtype=tiki100 -ltiki100 -create-app -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_generic -o NCTTIKI.COM NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +vg5k -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_generic -o nct_vg5000 -create-app NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +vz -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_generic -o nct_vz200.vz -create-app NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +z9001 -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_generic -o nct_z9001 -create-app NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +zx -lndos -create-app -o nct_ZXSpectrum NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +x1 -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_generic -create-app -o nct_X1 NamedColoursTest.c

rem pause
And here are my test results:

=== All ok ===
KC85 2-5
tiki100 (screen mode 3)
ZX Spectrum

=== These systems do not support paper colour? Text colours are ok ===
X1 (although listed as implemented on the platform page)

=== Mostly correct Mapping ===
Coleco, PV2000, SC3000, m5, pencil2, myvision, einstein, msx (and probably all other TMS9918 systems): red and brown should be swapped IMHO
RX78: "Lightblue" is red
Pasopia 7: textcolor() sets paper colour, and textbackground has no effect. Green and red are swapped, and so are lightgreen and lightred.
Sharp MZ700: Green and red are swapped, and so are lightgreen and lightred.
Laser500: brown and yellow should be swapped

=== Mostly wrong Mapping ===
Aquarius: many colours are mapped incorrectly
cpc: most colours have wrong mapping
excali64: paper colours are ok, but text colours are partially wrong

=== Partial Colour Support ===
SPC-1000 (only green and brown)
mc1000 (only blue, yellow, red and green in screen mode 1)
pc6001 (only blue, yellow, red and green in screen mode 2)

=== No Colour support (no effect at least in default screen mode, colour names are defined) ===

=== Untested due to technical problems ===
mtx (screen shows nothing in the Memu emulator)
svi (both MAME and BlueMSX show only a broken screen) - see TMS9918 systems above, probably same result
super80 (m and v models)

Posted: Thu Dec 26, 2019 7:44 pm
by dom
Oh wow, thank you so much for doing this. Mapping these colours for some machines has been a total pain for me: The ones with RGB3 are easy (bar the typos) but any extra colours and I'm usually guessing.

The mapping is handled by a assembler function conio_map_colour which is called from generic_console_set_ink and generic_console_set_paper. As a result there should be a conio_map_colour function for each target, I know some of them are missing and I think you may have found them!

Aquarius, Pasopia7: These are missing conio_map_colour
CPC: This has a mapping table which I think is correct. It then gets mapped into bit patterns for the various screen modes which is probably where it goes wrong.
Excalibur64: I've got a memory of something really funky with the colour handling on that machine: I've defined two different colour schemes and I've possibly picked the wrong one for the emulator you're running.
Laser500: I'm not sure there is a brown on that machine? I think bright yellow was a left over colour so it ended up there. I'll swap them though.
RX78: That's a typo, consider it fixed.

MC6847 machines: (pc6001, spc1000 etc) - the palette is challenging on these to say the least. The mapping is defined in video/mc6847/colour_map.asm and is best read in conjunction with the data sheet. I have a feeling it works best on the pc6001mk2 though.

TMS9918 machines, I'll take your advice and swap them.

VZ: I think this only has colour for the lores graphics.

Posted: Fri Dec 27, 2019 9:50 am
by RobertK
Thanks, it's getting better now!

RX78: fixed.

Pasopia 7: fixed. I assume the system does not support paper colour, I haven't tried console_ioctl(IOCTL_GENCON_GET_CAPS, &caps) yet.

TMS9918: much better now. The system's red is not the most beautiful, but I think we are closer to red and brown like that.


Laser 500: much better now, for brown we now have the "muddy" dark-yellow of that machine, while yellow is a clear yellow now.

Aquarius: beautiful, but I think you should change "Lightred" to red instead of yellow.

CPC: still to be done.

Excalibur64: still to be done, text colours beginning from "Darkgray" are wrong (including the important yellow).


MC6847: ok, the available colours are very limited, but the available ones (blue, red, yellow, green) are correctly mapped. I haven't updated my test program to the 4x6-characters for the VZ graphics mode, but as far as I could see from the broken characters, it seems to be working.

Just tell me if there are any more colour-targets that I haven't tested yet.

P.S. I had an unwanted pasted text in my batch file above, the Coleco line should be like this:
zcc +coleco -create-app -o nct_Coleco NamedColoursTest.c

Posted: Mon Dec 30, 2019 12:27 am
by dom
I've started to look at remapping the Excalibur palette - it looks like I forgot how to count when remapping some of the colours.

The system colours are (I think):

Code: Select all

 0 -> r=00 g=00 b=00 000000     - black
 1 -> r=ff g=00 b=00 ff0000     - red
 2 -> r=00 g=00 b=ff 0000ff     - blue
 3 -> r=ff g=00 b=ff ff00ff     - magenta
 4 -> r=00 g=ff b=00 00ff00     - green
 5 -> r=ff g=ff b=00 ffff00     - yellow
 6 -> r=00 g=ff b=ff 00ffff     - cyan
 7 -> r=ff g=ff b=ff ffffffa    - white
 8 -> r=d9 g=00 b=00 d90000     - free speech red
 9 -> r=ff g=55 b=26 ff5526     - orange
 a -> r=ff g=00 b=26 ff0026     - torch red
 b -> r=d9 g=55 b=00 d95500     - tawny (red/orange)
 c -> r=26 g=00 b=26 260026     - purple
 d -> r=49 g=ff b=49 49ff49     - pale green
 e -> r=ff g=00 b=90 ff0090     - pink/cerise
 f -> r=26 g=55 b=26 265526     - green
You can see them by compiling with -pragma-define:CLIB_CONIO_NATIVE_COLOUR=1 and iterating over the numbers - or just run your Stroop test :)

I'm currently rewriting the mapping to:

Code: Select all

        defb    $0      ;BLACK -> BLACK
        defb    $2      ;BLUE -> BLUE
        defb    $4      ;GREEN -> GREEN
        defb    $6      ;CYAN -> CYAN
        defb    $1      ;RED -> RED
        defb    $3      ;MAGENTA -> MAGENTA
        defb    $b      ;BROWN -> TAWNY (RED/ORANGE)
        defb    $       ;LIGHTGRAY ->
        defb    $       ;DARKGRAY ->
        defb    $       ;LIGHTBLUE ->
        defb    $d      ;LIGHTGREEN -> PALE GREEN
        defb    $       ;LIGHTCYAN ->
        defb    $e      ;LIGHTRED -> PINK
        defb    $c      ;LIGHTMAGENTA -> PURPLE
        defb    $5      ;YELLOW -> YELLOW
        defb    $7      ;WHITE -> WHITE
The first 6 and last 2 are obvious, but the ones in the middle and the missing ones I'm not too certain what to do - can you help?

Posted: Tue Dec 31, 2019 12:44 pm
by RobertK
You could ask three people and you will get four different answers! ;-)

First an overview of the available colours, 12 - "[dark] purple" (38,0,38) and 15 - "[dark] green" (38,85,38) can hardly be seen on a black background:


Here are my proposals for the colours in the middle:

defb $b ;BROWN -> TAWNY (RED/ORANGE) - ok
defb $ ;LIGHTGRAY -> 15 (a very dark green)
defb $ ;DARKGRAY -> 12 (a very, very dark purple)
defb $ ;LIGHTBLUE -> 2 (blue)
defb $d ;LIGHTGREEN -> PALE GREEN - ok
defb $ ;LIGHTCYAN -> 6 (cyan)
defb $e ;LIGHTRED -> 9 (orange)
defb $c ;LIGHTMAGENTA -> 14 (pink/cerise)

Alternatively, you could change RED to 8 - Free Speech Red (217,0,0) and LIGHTRED to 1 - Red (255,0,0), but I would prefer having the "full red" mapped to RED on systems that do not have the full light & standard colour range.

P.S. The background colours 8 to 15 are currently wrong in this test. Since no mapping is involved here, I expected FG and BG colours to be the same?

P.P.S. Back to the "Named Colours Test": on the Sharp X1, the colours are correctly mapped when using ANSI, but wrong on the Generic Console:
zcc +x1 -clib=ansi -create-app -o nct_X1_ANSI NamedColoursTest.c
zcc +x1 -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_generic -create-app -o nct_X1 NamedColoursTest.c

Code: Select all

Compile with
zcc +cpm -subtype=excali64 -pragma-redirect:fputc_cons=fputc_cons_generic -pragma-define:CLIB_CONIO_NATIVE_COLOUR=1 -create-app -o exct ExcaliburColoursTest.c -D__EXCALIBUR64__
// #pragma define CLIB_EXIT_STACK_SIZE=0

// Colour names from enum "colors" in conio.h:
static char* ColourNames[] = {"black", "red", "blue", "magenta", "green", "yellow", "cyan", "white", 
                        "free speech red", "orange", "torch red", 
                        "tawny (red/orange)", "purple", "pale green", "pink/cerise", "green"};
#include <conio.h>

// uncomment these two lines to use 40x25 mode
#include <sys/ioctl.h>                // required for switching the screen mode
#define SCREEN_MODE 1                // 40x25

void main()
        int i;
        #if defined(SCREEN_MODE)
                int mode;
                mode = SCREEN_MODE;
                console_ioctl(IOCTL_GENCON_SET_MODE, &mode);        

        // Clear the screen
        printf("\x0c");  // the "\x0c" (0x0c character) resets the cursor position to the top left corner
        printf("Excalibur Colours Test\n\n");
        for(i=0; i<=15; i++)

                textbackground(0);        // black
                textcolor(7);                // white

                textbackground(0);        // black

                textcolor(7);                // white
        fgetc_cons();        // wait for keypress          

Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2020 4:02 pm
by RobertK
I have found one more target with mostly wrong mapping: the Colour Genie EG2000.

zcc +trs80 -lndos -create-app -subtype=eg2000disk -o nct_eg2000.bin NamedColoursTest.c

And please don't forget the above mentioned MZ-700 which should be hopefully easy to fix.