target a new machine without adding it to z88dk

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target a new machine without adding it to z88dk

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is there a quick way to target a new Z80 machine without adding it to z88dk? I mean, provide all necessary information from the command line to the compiler?

The system I'm working with is a "Child-Z" from General Processor, Italy 1978 (the only specimen survived). It is very simple as machine so I would like to quickly develop for it without the burden of preparing a configuration in Z88DK. In this system the free RAM starts at $025F and ends at $7FFF. I already know how to read the keyboard and write a character to the screen.
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Post by dom »

Try this (for classic):

zcc +test -crt0=yourcrt.asm io.[c|asm] [files to compile]

yourcrt.asm should contain the code to setup the memory map and start the process - just copy and tweak one from a close target.

io.c or io.asm should contain definitions for any IO functions you're going to call (eg fputc_cons, fgetc_cons, getk) - they'll override the versions in the +test library
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