Plans for next release?

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Plans for next release?

Post by derekfountain »

The current (as of Jan'19) official release is 1.99B, dated 10 Jan 2017 - over 2 years old now. Recently there was a post in the ZX forum asking for help regarding a tutorial which wasn't working. The issue turned out to be that the user was using the latest official release.

Is there a plan for another official release anytime soon? If not, is it time to acknowledge that the situation needs to change and try doing things a different way? I'm thinking of something sort of "continuous release"ish; I suspect most serious z88dk users just use a recent nightly snapshot anyway, don't they?
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Post by dom »

Yeah, nightlies are the place to be. Though I think having them has led to a little bit of complacency regarding the need to actually do releases!

I tried to do a release around about this time last year, but it ended up stalled gathering the list of changes.

A year on, I'm not sure it's going to be any easier to gather them, so what's in the changelog will have to do.

Things are pretty quiet at the moment so now seems like a good time, we'll always have a few bugs and want to get in an extra feature. As we've seen that cycle can go on for years.

Overall, we're in much better shape than at the last release so I'll promote a nightly to 1.99C this weekend.
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Post by stefano »

I just put two more files in the graphics folder, nothing more to do on my side
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Post by alvin »

Maybe it would be better just to push a successful nightly to sf every night. You might end up with short-lived bugs but I think that's still preferable to ancient tested packages that don't work as expected.
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