ZX81: Inconsisent handling of "NEWLINE"

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ZX81: Inconsisent handling of "NEWLINE"

Post by siggi »

Different input functions give different results when pressing "NEWLINE" on ZX81 keyboard.
Older compiler versions returned "\n" (char 10)

Now the state is:
in_Inkey() gives result 13 (CR, \r)
fgets gives restult 10 (LF, \n)

Code example:

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        printk("enter smtp config:\n(<ret> for default)\n");
        printk("smtp-server: (%s)\n", server);
        fgets(buf, sizeof(server), stdin);
        if (*buf)
            strcpy(server, buf);
printf("serverchar = %u\n", (unsigned int) *buf);
printf("in_inKey = %u\n", in_Inkey());
Is this an intended behavior?
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Post by dom »

It's a good question!

It's right that fgets() gives LF - we've switched all ports over so that \n -> 10 - this makes interop with sdcc work nicely.

The in_Inkey() are z88dk specific APIs, it looks like I've made all the new implementations of that API also return 13 for the "Return/Enter/NewLine" key. It also looks like newlib using code 13 as well.

Given that this also affects newlib, I'll let Alvin comment as well and decide if we want to harmonise it.

To step around this problem (and have the same functionality), just call getk_inkey() - that will return code 10.
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