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[z88dk-dev] draw_profile scale extended

Posted: Mon Nov 28, 2016 6:03 pm
by stefano
The recently added targets feature high resolution graphics options for which I could provide support for most of the advanced features (stencil, putsprite ..bksave and others are still missing almost everything).
The SVG conversion tool creates a good''profile' for 256 pixel boxes but was easily overflowing, so I extended the scale range from a max factor of 250% to the current 510%
Moreover the X axis scale ?s furthermore doubled when the X resolution i>= 512 pixels.
It may create portability problems in those cases where the drawing techniques are mixed due to the different resulting coordinates but makes easier a port of the simpler programs because the picture aspect ratio is preserved a bit more.
The reduced overflow gives a better stability feeling, but the screen boundaries are still unprotected.. watch out!